WALPI Guided Walking Tour



Walpi Village in HopiFirst Mesa is the home of historic Walpi Village, continuously inhabited for more than 1100 years.  Walpi stands above the valley at 300 feet, surrounded by awesome vistas of the sky and distant horizons. Walpi is the most inspiring places in Arizona. Sharing First Mesa with Walpi are the villages of Sichomovi and Tewa (Hano), both established in the late 1600s. 


One may visit the First Mesa Villages by a guided walking tour provided by the knowledgeable staff of the First Mesa Consolidated Villages’ Tourism Program which was established in 1987. The tour consists of a one-hour walk through the village of Walpi.  While on tour, the guide will share with you a history, general life and traditions of the Hopi people. Tour are arranged at the First Mesa Consolidated Village Office. Please check in at the
office before going up on the village. The drive up the mesa provides a dramatic view as the road ascends hundreds of feet above the surrounding land (accessible by passenger vehicles only – no RV’s or large vehicles).



Village of WalpiOn the tour you will learn about the history of the first community “founded” at First Mesa, Walpi Village, which dates back to about 900 A.D., long before the first non-Natives landed on the shores of what is now North America.  In 1540, the Spaniard Pedro de Tovar made contact with the Hopi in his search for the seven cities of gold.  An estimated 2,000 people occupied Walpi at this time.  The Spanish established missions in the Hopi Villages and began conversion to the foreign Christianity.  In 1680, the Pueblo people of present-day southwestern United States revolted and drove the missionaries from their homelands.  For centuries thereafter, missions were not reestablished among the Hopi.

Basket from Walpi Village


After the revolt of 1680, two other villages were established on First Mesa Sichomovi and Hano (Tewa).  Sichomovi village was settled by people of Walpi. Hano was originally settled by a group known as the Hano people. When they abandoned the site of Hano, it was resettled by the Tewa who came from present-day New Mexico. Amazingly, the people living atop this small mesa still retain separate languages after 600 years.


The village of Walpi is a living village where the homes are passed down through matrilineal clan lineage. Just as it has been over the centuries, there is no electricity or running water in the old village of Walpi. You will witness life as it has been lived over the centuries and you will also learn about the contemporary life of the First Mesa Villages which includes economic development and cultural preservation.


Arial of Walpi Village in HopiFirst Mesa is known for the finest polychrome pottery and kachina doll carvings. You will find artisans selling their hand-crafted items, which may be purchased directly from the artist during your tour at reasonable prices.





Tour Fees

$20.00 Adults (18 yrs + )

$10.00 Youth


For information contact:
Phone: (928)737.2670

Fax: (928)737.2347

Email: mofmcv@hopitelecom.net


PO Box 260

Polacca, AZ 86042


Winter Tour Schedule:

9:00 AM to 3 PM

Last Tour 2 PM


Summer Tour Schedule

8 AM to 4:30 PM

Last Tour 3 PM


Village tours are restricted during certain ceremonial periods


Distance from Moenkopi Legacy Inn: 71 miles



Directions to the First Mesa Consolidated Village Office, from west is: Coming West on HWY 264 at Mile Marker 390.8, turn North at the Stop Sign, go 1/4 Mile North, we are located next to the Polacca Post Office.

RV's & large busses must park below at designated parking for large vehicles.
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