The Hopi Arts Trail, won the Governor's Award for Cooperative Marketing Best Practices. The Cooperative Marketing Award is presented to the project that best exemplifies the use of "non-traditional" or creative partnerships to develop, finance and/or execute a cooperative marketing effort. Arts Trail is an extension of principles set forth by the elders of the village who envisioned economic development as a benefit to the Upper Village and all of Hopi.

award-245x300The Upper Village opened the first hotel to be built in 50 years on Hopi land in 2010 to create employment for Hopi. Wilfred Moore, President of the Moenkopi Developers Corporation, reaffirms this in the fact that bringing economic opportunity to Hopi directly translates topreservation of family, clan, language, religion, and culture

Hopi Arts Trail artists Frances Quotskuyva from Third Mesa and Darlene Banks from First Mesa were present to receive the award from Arizona Office of Tourism Director Sherry Henry on behalf of Governor Brewer. In return Frances, who is a skilled painter, and Darlene, who is a potter, presented Sherry their original art to give to the Governor with an invitation to visit the Hopi Arts Trail and meet the artists and tour the galleries in the Hopi villages.

From left to right: Darlene Banks, Dawn Melvin from First Mesa and is in charge of Tribal Tourism for the Arizona State Office of Tourism, and Frances Quotskuyva.