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Visit the homeland of one of the oldest yet indigenous cultures in North America!

The Hopi people have lived in the American Southwest for countless centuries. Original inhabitants of land areas including present day Arizona, Colorado, & Utah. The Hopi are comprised of many different clans that moved across the north and South American continent before being drawn to Tuwanasavi, the Center of the Universe, the current land base of the Hopi in Arizona. Many of the historic ruins you may have visited in the past are part of this history. Mesa Verde, Canyon De Chelly, Betatkin (It’s ancient puebloan name being Kawestima), Wupatki, and many others are the ancient homes of the Hopi and other pueblo peoples in New Mexico.

Already having long established villages by the time the Spanish arrived in 1540 A.D. the Hopi still refer to the different mesa regions according to the Spanish description, 1st Mesa, 2nd Mesa, and 3rd Mesa. Their Spanish influence can still be seen today through words Hopi use to describe the things they introduced. Hopi people call apples Mansaana (Manzana), and horse Kawayo (Caballo), for example.

Many hidden gems await you! Coalmine Canyon, Dawa Park, artist visits and more!

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There is a minimum of 2 people required to schedule a tour. Standard itinerary reservations must be made by 5pm MST (Arizona Time) 24 hours in advance. Customized tours must be confirmed 21 days in advance. To change or cancel your reservation, please call the front desk 48 hours before your tour departure.

In addition to the knowledge they have been raised with as Hopi people, all Experience Hopi Tour guides undergo cultural awareness training of Hopi history and cultural sites with noted Hopi Anthropologist Micah Loma’omvaya and are authorized by the Hopi Tribe.