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Joining an Experience Hopi Tour is easy. Contact the Front Desk at the Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites for reservations and information: 928.283.4500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the Western Gateway to Hopi!

Experience Art, Experience Culture, visit the homeland of one of the oldest yet vibrant Native American people in North America!

The Hopi people have lived in the American Southwest for countless centuries. Original inhabitants of land areas including present day Arizona, Colorado, & Utah. The Hopi are comprised of many different clans that moved across the north and South American continent before being drawn to Tuwanasavi, the Center of the Universe, the current land base of the Hopi in Arizona. Many of the historic ruins you may have visited in the past are part of this history. Mesa Verde, Canyon De Chelly, Betatkin (It’s ancient puebloan name being Kawestima), Wupatki, and many others are the ancient homes of the Hopi and other pueblo peoples in New Mexico.

Already having long established villages by the time the Spanish arrived in 1540 A.D. the Hopi still refer to the different mesa regions according to the Spanish description, 1st Mesa, 2nd Mesa, and 3rd Mesa. The conquistadors and missionaries visited the Hopi thus and their influence can still be seen today through words Hopi use to describe the things they introduced. The Hopi people call apples mansala (manzana), and horse caballo, for example.

Many hidden gems await you! Coalmine Canyon, Dawa Park, the living culture of the Hopi, artist visits and more!

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Hopi Villages

The Hopi people live in 12 villages located in four regions referred to as First Mesa, Second Mesa, and Third Mesa. The Villages are among the longest continuously inhabited places in North America. Some villages welcome visitors and your Guide knows the history and customs of these villages, each of which have unique characteristics.


Hopi Artists & Galleries

Meet katsina doll carvers and other Hopi artists. Book a custom tour and we can arrange private visits to the home workshops of basket makers, silversmiths, painters, potters, weaver, and carvers.

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Unique Landscapes

Traveling across the mesas and the vast high desert plateau of Hopi is like no other place on earth. Corn is at the core of Hopi life and Hopi farmers still plant, nurture, and harvest in the tradition passed down through the centuries. Coal Mine Canyon is a magical panorama of delicately coloured stone spires and hoodoos carved by wind and water over the millennia.


Amazing Petroglyphs

Visit one of the largest concentrations of petroglyphs in America. Literally thousands of petroglyphs are found on the walls of a unique box canyon that was the hub of early communities. Your guide will introduce you to unique designs created by the peoples who preceded Hopi.

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Experience Hopi Tour Itinerary

8:30 a.m. – Meet with your Guide in hotel lobby and enjoy a short discussion on the history of the vision of the elders of the Upper Village of Moenkopi and Experiencing Hopi. We will board the Experience Hopi tour van and depart for Coalmine Canyon, one of the hidden gems of Hopi, and enjoy a brief insight into Hopi pottery - take a selfie! Enjoy the Moenkopi Fields overlook while en route and enjoy some discussion on Hopi agriculture.

Next we will tour the village of Old Oraibi, the oldest, continuously inhabited settlement in north America. Enjoy a visit to Hopi Arts Trail member Hamana So’oh’s Gallery located in the heart of the village and take a short tour led by your guide followed by a visit to the home workshop of Hopi Arts Trail member and silversmith Duane Tawahongva.

Lunch at the Hopi Cultural Center

After lunch we will visit Prophecy Rock, an amaazing single Petroglyph with an enchanting story that connects you with the one of the core principles of Hopi life.

Following your visit to Prophecy Rock your guide will take you to Dawa Park, a natural box canyon with ancient walls covered with hundreds of petroglyphs from different eras. Dawa Park is a window back in time, transporting you to the days of the ancients.

4pm – Arrive back at the Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites


$145 per person

Seniors 65+ $129

Kids 12 and under $89 with paid adult

Lunch and bottled water included

Scheduling Tours

Joining an Experience Hopi Tour is easy. Contact the Front Desk at the Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites for reservations and information: 928.283.4500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note there is a minimum of 2 people to schedule a tour. Reservations need to be made by 5pm MST the day before the tour. If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please call the front desk 48 hours prior to your tour departure.

Experience Hopi Tours was created for the benefit of the Hopi people by the Moenkopi Developers Corporation, a non-profit entity dedicated to job creation and preservation of Hopi culture and language.

All Experience Hopi Tour guides are authorized by the Hopi Tribe.