tuuvitravelcenter1The Upper Village of Moenkopi opened an architecturally striking Travel Center in March 2008 at the junction of US Highway 160 and State Route 264.  The Travel Center is named after TUUVI, the first leader of the Village of Moenkopi. The neighboring Navajo community of Tuba City also gained its named from this Hopi leader.

The new Travel Center offers a gas station, a complete convenience store, discount cigarettes, food for travelers on-the-go, and four stores that feature authentic Native American  handmade merchandise.

When travelers visit the TUUVI stores in the Village of Moenkopi, they will not only find the high quality Native American arts, crafts, and jewelry, but will surely find themselves immersed in the traditional culture of the Hopi tribe. The store owners and employees enjoy sharing information about the artists, the history, and the culture of the Hopi. tuuvitravelcenter2Each store is owned and operated by Native Americans and has its own unique story. The owners are all passionate and experienced with the hand-made Native American arts that they sell. Most of the featured crafts have been purchased from  local artists or have even  been created by the owner and their families. Visitors will enjoy the spirit of Native America which radiates from every store. Each owner brings a part of themselves to their store derived from the connections to their Native American culture, traditions, and spirituality. 

tuuvitravelcenter3Hopi and Navajo arts are featured in the TUUVI stores: Badger Spirit offers a wide variety of affordable Native American jewelry and crafts and Third Mesa Art carries an array of Hopi and other Native American arts and crafts.